Weaving Our Communities Together

Community Projects

Our vision is to promote ethical trade and socially conscious business practices. We are involved in grassroots projects which give directly back to the communities we work with in Kenya. Our projects are focused on issues like water infrastructure, community agriculture, and the environment.


Fruit Tree Planting Project

In 2012 and 2013 we had the opportunity to participate in a community agriculture project sponsoring fruit trees for local farms. To date we’ve planted 100 banana trees on small family farms in Kenya. The trees have grown and produced fruit. Planting fruit trees improves local food security, provides jobs, fights erosion and deforestation, and helps build fertile soil. These trees will even benefit future generations to come.


Solar Light Project

Starting in 2014 we created a partnership with SunTown Solar. Their solar light program offers community members micro-credit loans for solar lights. We are providing members of the Ikavu Collective with free solar lighting for their households. These solar lights eliminate the need for dangerous kerosene lanterns, and provide a valuable resource for families in rural areas where there is no electricity.


Water Tank Project

Our current project is to sponsor two water tanks in one of the communities where members of the Ikavu Weavers Collective live. One water tank will be for the local school, and the other will be located at the community center where there is a spigot. Because water service from the municipal utility is very unreliable in the region, these water tanks will ensure there is water even in times of drought. Improving water infrastructure in the local community helps prevent women and children from walking miles each day for water.